Did you ever wonder if you can recycle your paper milk, half and half, or OJ containers? On the surface it would seem like you could just add them to your commingled curbside bin. But not all municipalities accept paper cartons. Perhaps you’ve also wondered your yogurt containers. Some yogurt containers are recyclable and some are not, depending what number is inscribed on the container.

There was a great article in the NY Times recently “Selling Bottled Water That’s Better for the Planet” about a company that is manufacturing a greener water bottle. Just Water’s “bottles” are made with 53% paper, plant-based plastics, and a small amount of aluminum. And yes, they can be recycled—that is if your town recycles paper cartons. Just Water’s website provides a useful resource for checking if your community does: We Recycle Cartons. Unfortunately, it appears that only the East Coast states recycle paper cartons. Well, at least that a start! For you East Coasters, all you need to do is remove the plastic screw top and throw it in your weekly pickup can.

My hat goes off to Just Water. They set up their manufacturing facility in Glen Falls, NY, an industrial town that has fallen on hard times. They are using a converted church to produce their product, a great use of unoccupied property. And they are paying the town 6 times more for the water then its residential customers. The town plans to use this extra money to help repair or replace its 100-year-old water infrastructure, addressing what is a very common problem in many of our communities.