You’ve got to love the British sense of humor. They have a bus that runs on human and household waste called the “poo bus.” What is even better than using this waste to make energy are the graphics wrapping the bus that depict people sitting on toilets reading and listening to music, as if they were actually making fuel while the bus is en route. How efficient. The bus runs between Bristol and Bath, a 15 mile route. The city of Bristol was named the European Green Capital for 2015 by the European Commission.

It would be great if some day we could all use our human and household waste to heat and cool our homes. There would be no need for septic systems, public sanitation facilities, and garbage pickup. If we add this waste energy to the energy that can be produced by solar panels and wind turbines, the need for offsite power delivered to a house would be less than what the house alone could generate.

This all seems too easy, or too much of a simple idea. It all comes down to the green stuff. I do question if there is a negative by-product from the burning of poo to produce biomethane gas, although reports claim the amount of greenhouse gas the bus emits is less than what a diesel engine generates. There may be a future in turning our sewage treatment plants into biomethane power plants.