You have to love Donald Trump.  On Sunday, January 3 he was interviewed by John Dickerson on CBS’ Face the Nation.  He made a statement that “President Obama says global warming is our biggest problem”.  Well, I wonder what Mr. Trump would say about the article in the NY Times, “Foreign-Policy Trips Fill Obama’s Schedule for Final Year,” which was printed the same day the interview was aired.  If Obama is so concerned about climate change and not radical Islam, then why is he going to fly around the world in his last year as President of the United States?    Apparently, President Obama’s favored perk is having his own personal plane (also known as Air Force One).  It’s certainly not a very sustainable action for a President whose primary focus, according to Mr. Trump, is climate change.  I would like to see President Obama’s carbon footprint after all his planned trips this coming year.  Maybe, he is offsetting them with carbon credits traded with another country?