As we close out 2015, we would like to congratulate, and thank, USEPA for taking action alongside President Obama in finalizing the historic Clean Power Plan this past August. This robust plan to reduce carbon dioxide emissions 32%* by 2030 leads the global effort to reverse climate change. Here are just a few of the 2030 targeted benefits the average American will see:

  • Save consumers $155 Billion from 2020-2030 alone.
  • Save enough energy to power 30 Million Homes.
  • Result in 30% more renewable energy generation.
  • Prevention of 3600 premature deaths/year.
  • Prevention of 90,000 asthma attacks in children/year.
  • Prevention of 1700 non-fatal heart attacks/year.
  • Prevent 300,000 missed work and school days/year.

Of course, the big winners will be those that inherit planet earth in better condition than it is today – our children and grandchildren. We have all contributed both directly and indirectly to the current conditions that have resulted in extreme weather events of recent years – which have cost our nation and global humanity so much money as well as heartache and lost lives. Here are some sample totals to ponder:

  • US Drought And Heat Wave: $    30 Billion
  • Superstorm Sandy:                 $    65 Billion
  • Combined Severe Weather: $ 11.1 Billion
  • Western Wildfires:                 $       1 Billion
  • Hurricane Isaac:                 $    3 Billion
  • Countless Lives: $      Priceless

So, as we are all celebrating the passing of another year, no matter your personal politics, let’s say a collective “Thank You for Having the Courage to do What is Right” to all those with USEPA and President Obama – we all appreciate your efforts. And moving forward, all of us in the fields of architectural design, renovation, and construction need to do our part to emphasize to our clients the need to design for the future, as human structures of all types have a large footprint that contribute to global warming.

*From 2005 levels within USA.