Who would think that finding a place to plug in your car could be so difficult or stressful?  A recent article in the NYTimes, “In California, Electric Autos Outpace Plugs, And Sparks Fly”, is sad but somewhat comical. Apparently, in California, people are unplugging other people’s cars at public charging stations, so they can plug their own car in.   Others park in a spot designated for an electric car, even when they don’t need a charge.  Is this entitlement?  To charge their $100,000 electric car for free or near free?

The web site Plugshare can help people find a charging station that is not in use.  Drivers that use a spot when they do not need a charge should be given a ticket just like when someone who is not handicapped uses a handicap spot.   It doesn’t take much for people to be inconsiderate, even if they are doing something good.