No matter what anyone can tell me, a hybrid yacht does not seem to be something that is environmentally responsible to me, even though these mega yachts are 30% more efficient than other mega yachts, according to the New York Times article, Hybrid_Powered Megayachts Come With Green Bragging Rights.  I am not sure why the author seems to think that these owners and builders of these yachts are being socially responsible.  These yachts may burn 30% less in gallons of fuel per hour than traditional yachts but, the richest population produces three times the amount of carbon emission than that of the poorest segment of the population. Apparently, some of the features to reduce the carbon footprint are solar panels and powering the air conditioning during the night without running the engines. Still, I am not sure where the silver lining is with regards to sustainability when it comes to a $2.5 million yacht designed to pamper the people who are the worst offenders from a waste/need standpoint.