It is great news that President Obama wants to cut power plant emissions by an additional 2% from the target established in 2005, which would result in an increase from a 30% to 32% emissions cut. Although this does not seem like a huge increase to most people, it is to the coal producing states.  The gap created by the decreased reliance on coal used to generate electricity would be met through wind and solar sources.    The corresponding investment in renewable energy would increase from 22 percent to 28 percent.  Again, this does not seem a like a heavy lift to most of us.  Patrick Morrisey, the Attorney General of West Virginia calls the proposal unconstitutional.  What would our founding fathers be saying now, about his lack of concern for the environment?  Coal is currently one of the largest sources used to generate electricity.

Based on the feedback we are seeing about this proposal, it seems that the coal producing states really don’t care about the environment, i.e. planet earth.  All they care about is how it affects their state coffers.  It would be great if they can look at this as an opportunity.  Just like all those gentlemen who crossed the pond for a better life for their families.  Remember, the proposed revision does not close coal powered plants, it simply pushes the development of alternative energy sources.  Maybe the “coal states” could look into some grant money to help fund homegrown R&D, and not put the money in the lawyers’ pockets to fight it!