Farmers can now be part of a certification program that has a lot of potential for green washing.  Whole Foods Market, a grocery store, created a program called Responsibly Grown.  According to a recent article in the NY Times, Organic Farmers Object to Whole Foods Rating System, farmers are not happy.  The rating system is misleading when it comes to pesticides. Farmers currently spend a lot of money to grow organic foods without the use of synthetic pesticides, especially if they carry the USDA Organic seal. The Responsibly Grown rating system does not completely restrict pesticides; it phases pesticides out with a set date for discontinuation or it allows for an exception that must be approved by Whole Foods Market.  The farmers’ point is that the label misleads consumers about the foods if they doesn’t understand the rating system .  While these concerns are valid and should be addressed, the Whole Foods rating systems is not entirely green washing when it comes to water and energy conservation, and environmental benefits like protecting the bees and butterflies.

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