Today, the young see nothing wrong with having friends with some kind of sexual benefits.  I learned this term from my own children.  What happened to the old-fashioned days of dating?  I guess they do not want to limit their possibilities.  I wonder where they learned this concept.  They learned this concept though anthropological history.

Our ancient cultures settled in regions where the land was fertile and they could grow food to support the population and take no responsibility or governance of the natural ecosystem.  These cultures either moved elsewhere after exhausting critical resources or simply vanished after the natural resources could no longer support the population. This practice of unsustainability has continued throughout history across the planet.  This type of practice has destroyed communities and cultures.

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So, maybe our historical relationship with the environment should be a warning for us and our children. Maybe our relationship with the environment should become a real one, with a signed contract, or simply something that we treat in a respectful, sustainable way, so that it lasts.