When it comes to the word “drought”, images of dried up lakes, rivers and streams come to mind.   Entire civilizations have perished because of the effects of droughts.  Empires in Ancient Egypt, as well as cultures in Ancient Greece and the Mayans come to mind as examples of this phenomena.  Of course other factors also came into play, such as deforestation, the end of the ice age, lack of natural resources, or volcanic eruption.

Today, in the United States, we face drought in some of our states. Currently, California is publishing the most bids and RFP’s for drought related contracts, which really means that the government is spending money for contractors and design consultants to help fix the proverbial leaky pipe.  One could take this as an opportunity to make some money, or one could take it as a clear sign that we need to find more ways to fix the problem of lack of water.  Sometimes I wonder whether there is just a lack of management of our water supply and waste water.  Are our resources really managed in a sustainable way?